Ice Bank Beer System

How does an ice bank beer system work?

The heart of Andale’s Ice Bank Beer System is the ice bank beer cooler. An ice bank beer cooler contains beer coils that sit in a water bath. This water bath is stimulated by an agitator and is chilled by an inbuilt refrigeration unit, which produces a bank of ice that chills the beer coils. When ambient temperature beer is pulled through the coil, the beer is chilled.

An Ice Bank System is perfect for cafe’s, restaurant’s and any small to medium volume venue. This system is affordable, simple to install and use. Andale’s Ice Bank Beer System can help you to tap into the profit’s of draught beer on tap.

Andale Micro Matic graphic for under counter chiller with keg and gas bottle and keg coupler and gas regulator
Andale Micro Matic brumby tap ice bank chiller

Benefits of this system

System Requirements

Andale Micro Matic under counter chiller set up on site
Andale Micro Matic under bar ice bank chiller silver 25 unit up to 6 beer lines

Types of Ice Bank Beer Systems

Call your local Andale branch for a quote on the supply and installation of an Ice Bank Beer System.
Home install of under counter chiller silver 11 one beer tap system with font
Ice Bank System with remote kegs
Andale Micro Matic under bar ice bank chiller silver 34 unit up to 8 beer lines
Silver 34 Ice Bank Chiller
2 Tap Ice Bank Beer System