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Australian market leaders in beverage dispense equipment, Andale Micro Matic has a long history of producing the highest quality products. 

From introducing the Snaplock® adaptors in 1961, to changing the way we pour with stainless steel fittings we have led the way since 1946.


Andale Micro Matic glycol manifold cold room cellar manifolds

Andale Repetition Engineering

Andale Repetition Engineering started production in a small factory in Brunswick, Victoria in 1946. Today Andale Micro Matic are based in a 4,000 square metre purpose built production facility in Airport West, Victoria. Andale’s manufacturing sector has grown to become the envy of our industry. By investing in technology and training, we can produce a higher quality product, at competitive prices with short lead times. Andale have the manufacturing capabilities to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Andale Repetition Engineering take great pride in our products and the influence we have had on the beverage dispensing industry in Australia. We design and fabricate our range of Australian made Beer Dispensing Equipment, including Snaplok Fittings, Pinvalve Fittings, Linevalve Fittings, Gas Regulators, Gas Boards, Glycol Tanks, Glycol Chiller Blocks, Beerline Joiners, Beer Fonts, Beer Taps, Beer Guns, Cool Room, Drip Trays, Cold Plates, Washout Equipment and FOB Monitors.

Preston Plate

Established in 1948 and had over 60 years of experience in the electroplating industry. Preston Plate takes great pride in their range of high quality finishes and efficient service. Preston Plate specialise in the following finishes: chrome, gold, copper, satin nickel, antique bronze, antique brass, black chrome and satin black chrome.
Preston Plate is based out of Thomastown, Victoria.

Andale Python

Are Australia’s leading beverage tubing supplier and python manufacturer. Andale Python was established in 1998, after Andale purchased Python Products. Andale Python are the Australasian distributor for Valpar Industrial, the world’s leading Beverage tubing manufacturer.


Andale Python carry Australia’s largest stock of beverage tubing and with three python machines have the shortest lead times in our industry.

Andale Python is based out of Sumersby, N.S.W.





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