Party or Hire System

Cold Plate Cooler System

A Cold Plate Cooler consists of a cooler or esky with a cold plate (a single or double stainless steel coil cast in aluminium). The esky is filled with ice which cools the plate and chills your beer as it runs through the stainless steel coil in the cold plate.

Benefits of this system
  • Perfect for party or hire.
  • Does not require electricity
  • Portable
  • Simple use

Andale Micro Matic have the largest range of this product in Australia. We have a model in our range to suit many needs and applications. All of our Cold Plate Coolers are available in single or double configurations and are also available in a pack complete with a tap or beer gun, gas regulator and keg coupler.

A Cold Plate Beer Coolers is a simple and convenient way to dispense ice cold beer anywhere, any time. All you need to do is fill the Cooler with ice and the ‘Cold Plate’ inside the cooler acts as a heat exchanger which chills your beer. Simple, convenient and portable. Our coolers are used by all of Australia’s major breweries, catering companies and keg hire experts.




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